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equazor_equationcompleteA couple of months ago I released my first Windows Phone game into the wild. It’s a “maths-based puzzle game” that will challenge, infuriate (hopefully not too much!) and with a bit of practice, genuinely develop your mental arithmetic.

The premise is simple – you have to highlight a sequence of tiles forming an equation that results in a target number. It’s easy to start with, with just add and subtract and a limited number of tiles to play with, but it soon gets harder when the multiplication is introduced and the playing area and target numbers get larger. Oh, and you’re up against the clock, so there is some pressure!

You can get Equazor from the Windows Phone Marketplace or by searching for it on your Windows Phone – it’s free, so what have you got to lose? Let me know what you think!

Tech talk

Just in case you’re interested, I developed it in Silverlight with all the logic being held together with MvvmLight. The main chunk of development took place over three days, with a following day or two needed to polish and test it.