• Using DynaCache with SimpleInjector

    @Colly_Mc_K asked me on twitter (and in my poorly moderated comments feed – sorry, Colly!) if it was possible to use DynaCache with SimpleInjector. Although I’ve used SimpleInjector a bit before, I … more

  • PersistedFullTextIndexes with non-primitive types

    When you construct a PersistedFullTextIndex with a primitive type, such as int, you just need to define it like this:

    var index = new PersistedFullTextIndex<int>(filePath);

    However if you try … more

  • Using DynaCache with Unity

    I’ve had a couple of people ask for concrete examples of using DynaCache with frameworks other than Ninject. The first one that I’ve put together is for Unity. You’ll find the Unity example in the … more

  • StoryboardCompletedTrigger and SetPropertyAction

    I’ve spent a couple of hours on WinRTTriggers tonight and added a couple of features that have been requested recently, StoryboardCompletedTrigger and SetPropertyAction. StoryboardCompletedTrigger … more

  • Async and await in constructors

    I was working on LIFTI last night, trying to create a Windows Store compatible version of it and encountered 2 main problems: No support for IEnlistmentNotification, so no transactional support is … more

  • Aliens vs Finger

    I've been working on another game for Windows Phone (7.5+) and the result is Aliens vs Finger!

    Aliens vs Finger is a (hopefully!) fun tap-'em-up game where you have to squish the aliens and stop … more

  • Using Azure Mobile Services from Windows Phone 7 apps

    Azure Mobile Services is an pretty cool platform that I’ve only just started trying out. Microsoft provide quick jumpstart projects for Windows Store, Windows Phone 8 and iOS apps – but … more

  • Using WinRTTriggers within data templates

    Kaki104 recently commented that they were having a problem using triggers in a certain situation. Helpfully a simple repro was provided – a simple grid view, with an attempt to start a storyboard … more

  • Using LiveDataScript

    LiveDataScript is a little utility to generate SQL insert scripts from SQL Server databases. I wrote it quite a few years ago, but since it’s still fairly useful and the last place it was hosted has … more